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In Memory

David Turner

David Turner

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03/13/18 02:00 PM #11    

Jeff Cotton

My memory of David was in middle school he had a leading role in the "Mikado."  Such a nice voice.

03/13/18 07:00 PM #12    

Joel Werthman

I'm so sorry to learn of the passing of David Turner.  We really did not know each other very well, but he and I were in the same math class.  I believe that

Mr. Walsh, one of the finest teachers I ever had, was our teacher that year when we were juniors.  I remember him as a kind and friendly lad with an

irrepresible sense of humor.  I never saw him again after our graduation, but I have fond memories of him as my classmate.  May he rest in peace.

03/14/18 08:27 AM #13    

Paul Richards

Ed, you are correct. The teacher was Tom Walsh. I guess he got along fine with most students, but he really didn't care for "hippies" or anyone who dared to question authority. It was not an easy time for authority figures or those who questioned them. Btw, I would not describe David that way. He seemed to get along well with everybody.

02/16/21 10:48 PM #14    

Robert Gray

It's funny but I never saw this before so I am commenting late, very late. I remember I was in Spanish class looking out the window as I had gym next period. I saw David fall and watched everything play out as the gym teacher, Mr. Walsh made everyone go inside as they worked on David. I sat in the last row in the last seat in Spanish, which is next to the window. When the bell rang we tried to go find out what had happened. They made us sit in the bleachers without changing into a gym uniforms. The other interesting thing is I don't remember them offering any counseling.
Bob Gray

02/16/21 11:30 PM #15    

Sue Hooker (Dev)

I will never forget that day. I have also told my kids about what happened that day at school after a classmate of theirs had the same thing happen. But he was at West Point training for big race at that point. Dave was a friend and I remember feeling kind of numb and sad. And yes, their was no counseling or talk of it that I remember either. Devastating for his family. 

02/17/21 11:44 AM #16    

Scott Bragdon

I was also at gym with Dave, He was a good friend. I saw him go down and also thought he was fooling around. But when he didn't get up I knew something was wrong. I saw the ambulance take him away. Don Emerson, Larry Snyder and me were called to the office and sent home for the day. We just hung around and talked at our favorite spot. Tough day.

The good news is today they would have brought out the defribulator and he would have probably been fine. Progress!

02/18/21 11:39 AM #17    

Stephen Helm

I remember that day well and knew David from classes and Boy Scouts (he was an Eagle scout if I remember correctly). Just total shock as things like that didnt happen to us kids and only after the fact found out about the heart condition. Very nice guy and I remember Tom Walsh to be a very nice guy, but more of a drill instructor type, so can understand why he was the way he was towards "hippies". And nice to know that he grieved like the rest of us too. The story  behind the story. Thank goodness for modern medicine that some families won't have to go experience the trauma.  RIP David

02/19/21 11:14 AM #18    

Robin Pollock (Wood)

I sat next to David Turner in honors US History class. It was so strange to see his empty seat for the rest of the year. There was no official announcement. I had heard that David was doing punishment laps. I had no idea. He was a good guy. It's comforting to be able to hear from other classmates about this. 

02/20/21 07:08 PM #19    

Richard Powers

So interesting to hear people's memories of the unfortunate day more than 60 years ago.  Also pretty impressive that memories remain that clear when I can't remember where I put my keys half an hour ago!

02/21/21 08:32 AM #20    

Richard Smedberg

I met David Turner when I moved to Needham in the 9th grade. Occasionally we would walk home after school from Newman. I believe we first met in Boy Scouts. After he died I remember the painful experience of visiting with his parents.


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