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Classmate Conversations

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04/01/10 06:40 AM #3    

Gale Benson (Swain)

Having just lost our youngest at 36, all I can say is enjoy every minute you can, because what if tomorrow never comes? Be thankful that they want to come home!
Gale Swain

08/06/10 12:06 PM #4    


Beth Nardone (Fridinger)

Hi I sent this request to someone I know who has the yearbook dunno if they can help but I asked.


Hope yu are well!

08/06/10 12:09 PM #5    


Beth Nardone (Fridinger)

I was sad to see that Marie Sugrue passed away. I went to school with her at St. Josephs. She is in the class picture posted on this site. I haven't seen her in years but saw her sister Renee some years back in Boston.


Does anybody have a copy of the file that was given out to everyone with email addresses and contact info of folks from our class? Somehow I don't have this in my computer and I do not know why...I think I was cleaning things up and put it on a back up drive but that back up drive failed!  Thanks! 

09/14/10 02:52 AM #6    

Kevin McGuinness

ok, guys - I'm not the most talkative guy in the world, but seriously, folks - 4 posts in what - 6 months? jeeze I thot I was busy, but I still check in once a week or so...maybe it's because I'm not able to attend, so this forum is my reunion of sorts...lol..

somebody please find that file for Beth - and Beth next time back up yer back up ...I know - that doesn't always work either...did you know when your motherboard fries, it also fries the flash drives plugged into it at the same time?  My 15 yr old had her book she's been working on for a year on a flash drive that was cooked that way.  Now I get to rebuild an xp computer just to get the contents of the hard drive onto another flash drive....sorry - I digressed... be kind to each other - stay well, and hug yer loved ones...Aloha, fokes...

09/15/10 02:59 PM #7    


Joan OConnell

This site replaces any file of names.  This is the location where all contact info that we have is maintained with the hope that folks will come here and update their profiles on an going basis, and also point others here as well. 

When we created this site we emailed using every email address we had from 5 years ago, but about 30-35% bounced back. 

If you want to contact someone who has a profile, you can do so by going to their profile and typing in a message.  Your message isn't visible to anyone else and they receive an email that you've sent a message to them.  Each week over 60 messages are sent between classmates.

Thanks for spreading the word!  Joan

09/22/10 05:52 PM #8    

Kevin McGuinness

Hey Joan - Just a note to thank you for all your hard work in setting up this website.  It's really cool and functions quite well.  I have gotten to contact a few old friends I would not have otherwise run into and the old pictures are priceless.  Anyway, I won't be able to travel cross country to attend, but it has been cool just reminiscing through your unique website. Thanks again - Kevin M (in NorCal)

10/14/10 10:48 AM #9    

Libby Hribar (Brodie)

I can't ever say that I was a quiet one, and I still ain't. I never realized this site existed. Looking forward  to seeing old classmates, as i haven't heard from many, or kept in touch with many. Not sure if we'll go friday nite, but will go take the tour.  I've heard there's been a lot added and a lot of reno. Hope we all remember to bring our glasses, as I won't be able to read name tags without mine.

As to the statement about kids coming home again.  I did have my youngest and her ex live with us for about 6 months.  To say the least, it was interesting! I'm glad we all survived!

10/18/10 02:04 PM #10    

Jay Haratsis

Joan, Diane, Ed, Joel, Tom, Martha and so many more -

Congratulations on a great event!

Thanks to each of you for taking so much time out of your busy lives/days to bring everyone together and to handle everything it took to make it successful. Thank Linda and Paul for the pizza. Good stuff, better than Michigan. Ed, great job with the music and video. I know that I have forgotten things, but thanks to all.

It was great to see all of you - you were right, Friday was a good time to get together - and see what I have missed over the years. I feel bad that I haven't stayed in contact. I am a little jealous that you are all around the area.

Stay well and hope to see you soon. If you ever take a road trip, detour my way.


10/19/10 10:05 PM #11    

Paula Noll

So sorry that I couldn't attend the 40th.  I had planned all along to go and then couldn't at the last minute.  I want to thank all of my former classmates that took the phenomenal pictures.  They now make me even sorrier that I missed seeing so many people that I have thought of over the years.  I will not miss the next one!

I have been looking at the website from time to time and read the updates of the different classmembers.  What would we do without our computers?   My regards to all.

Paula Noll

10/22/10 01:23 PM #12    


Beth Nardone (Fridinger)

I just found the web site for the class of 1971. It is the same format as this one only yellow...Carol Atwood Toran is the administrator...their reunion will be in 2011.  I also found class of 1972 but it was not this format and it belonged to some general web site that hosted all classes.

10/23/10 11:11 PM #13    

David Nichols

I want to thank the people that are so dedicated to this site, and the reunions. I know they take time out of their busy lives, much to our benefit. I had a great time last saturday, and always look forward to the reunions. Diane, Joan, Ed, Joel, Lisa, Connie, (and others) thank you!


11/19/10 04:45 PM #14    


Larry Ruddell

Check out the Newman Football Falcons in action: 1966 ... still obtaining permission for audio but enjoy the action!

11/19/10 04:51 PM #15    


Larry Ruddell

Check out the Newman Basketball Falcons in action: 1967 ... still obtaining permission for audio but enjoy the action!

12/28/10 12:01 PM #16    


Larry Ruddell

Check out the championship Needham Rockets JV basketball team - 1968 (Part 1)!

12/28/10 12:04 PM #17    


Larry Ruddell

Check out the championship Needham Rockets JV basketball team - 1968 (Part 2)!


07/01/11 07:28 PM #18    

David Nichols

Just a note to let you know that Ben Schuster's Mom passed away today, july 1st 2011.

10/03/12 09:26 AM #19    


Robert Rossi

In the Elementary Schools photos, Avery-Carter 6th grade photos: the girl with the question marks under her pic is Peggy Holmberg. She passed away in 1972. She had just moved to Needham from Holliston, and quickly became one of my best friends, even a girlfreind at  times, and remained so right up until her passing in 1972. I still miss her.

04/09/18 07:03 AM #20    


Diane Dinneen

Hi Rob,

I remember Peggy well. She was always lots of fun with a smile for all!

My best,  Diane

04/09/18 07:18 AM #21    


Diane Dinneen

Good Morning Class of ‘70!!!

As a first step towards planning our 50th ( yes, 50th!!!!) reunion, could you all update your contact information and encourage other classmates to do the same? We want to make sure that everyone knows the plans as they unfold. Getting the word out to everyone has always been our biggest challenge, so, we are hoping with all of your help we can reach all classmates.

We are getting excited as planning time will soon be here!  If you would like to help in someway or have any thoughts on the big event, please, send us a message.

As always we send our best,

The Reunion Committee





04/10/18 03:42 PM #22    

Libby Hribar (Brodie)

Di, Nice to see your smiling face! We did finally sell our house last October so I'm back in MI. My new address is;
6180 McGillicuddy La
Portage, MI 49024
Please remember that I'd like to with you on our reunion. Jeanne has my phone number. Look forward to hearing from you and getting together. Lib

04/12/18 03:05 PM #23    

Elizabeth Guinn

Hi!  I don't know how many folks may remember me, our family moved to Needham for my senior year.  I live in Eugene, Oregon now.  I have 12 kids and 7 God children.  My 72nd grandchild was just born.   Over the years, I have worked in non profit international child welfare and for the last 15 years have been involved with a social service program in Cambodia.  Technically I am retired, but volunteer fulltime with this program.  We work with kids who are orphaned, elders who are mostly alone, people who are HIV+ and very poor families.  To be able to have a part in making a difference for people who have had such hard lives has been so fullfilling.  It has been an incredible joy to see  kids who did not have any hope or dreams for their lives to becoming young adults who are doctors, nurses, teachers, agricultural experts, accountants, scientists, and future leaders.  If any of you might like to hear more, I would be more than happy to share with you. 

10/27/18 11:24 AM #24    


Robert Rossi

Hi, Elizabeth,

 I remember you from when you moved here. You even hung out for a with me and a some friends for a while. The memories are pretty vague nowadays, but when I saw your picture, I said, "Hey, I know her!" From there, I was able to remember you. You appear to have a good life helping people nowadays out there in Eugene, Oregon, a situation befiting of the kind person I knew back then.

Thanks for sharing that with us. Rob Rossi

04/26/20 08:01 AM #25    

Paul Zaffini

Hi everybody I hope everyone is doing well during these trying times. Linda and I are doing well but I'm sure like most of you we are missing seeing grandchildren(6) and family. We have thoroughly enjoyed retirement and can't wait for times to get back to normal whatever normal will be. Can't believe it's been 50 years. Looking back we were so blessed to have grown up in Needham with such great friends and neighbors. Can't wait to see everybody if not this year certainly next year. Be safe.    Paul & Linda

05/08/20 02:46 PM #26    

Laurie Baldelli (Carney)

Hi Paul & Linda! I'm sorry I didn't get to see you at Eagle's this winter! Take care of yourselves and whenever the reunion happens.....I'll be there!

08/27/21 05:31 PM #27    

Nancy Dunton

It looks like I am the first NHS 70 classmate to post here in 2021. It's amazing to find a sort of universe just waiting to be discovered inside this truly priceless website. It's a joy to discover how many of us kids who grew up together in that old Needham town are still here, living and breathing, thankfully! I have to say, seeing the names, pictures, dates of our departed classmates is almost too heartwrenching to handle. Thank goodness so much shared life still goes on. I have yet to master navigation of this digital playground but can't wait to see all of you at our 50th Reunion. It's a big one!

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