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Welcome to the Needham High Class of 1970 website

It's been 45 years ! 

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The 45th Reunion was held on Saturday October 17 at the Village Club. Visit this site later this week to see pictures and video of the fun!

Please be sure to keep your email address updated so that you receive all of the information.

Help us to reach other classmates - we've lost contact with lots of folks along the way. Let them know about this website, or, if they don't use a computer(!) have them get in touch by snail mail. Drop a postcard to Ed Merritt, PO Box 102, Raynham MA 02767-0102.

Looking for the What's New page?  Just click on What's New on the menu bar above.

The Mitchell School '64 50th Reunion was held on April 11, 2014.  Click here to see the Facebook Page for the event.

If this is your first visit please sign up.  And if you did not join us for the last reunion please visit the "40th Photos" page  under Photos/Video at the top and review the pictures.

Did you lose your yearbook? We have added a couple of cool little plugins that display the NHS Yearbook and Yearbook Spring Supplement as well as the Pollard Yearbook.  Click on Full Screen to see more clearly.

If this is your first visit and you don't know what do to we have a page called Getting Started so click there if you want detailed instructions on how to - well - Get Started!
We have included a list of questions as a way to populate our site.  So go ahead - join us.  We urge you to come back to fill in more information any time you'd like. And take a look at new classmates' postings as they are added.
A prophetic message from the past:

"As I write this, it is June 5, 1990 - I believe tomorrow is the twentieth anniversary of our graduation.  It seems as though it took forever to reach age 18, and but a moment's time to reach age 38.  The days used to be too long, especially school days, and the future so far away.  Now, there is not enough time in the day, and the future is always upon us.  In twenty years we will be talking about (God help us) grandchildren, retirement and the relative merits of Geritol.  I look forward to seeing you, and everyone else while we are still faintly recognizable."

   Craig Murphy by email, 1990

And here we are - another moment later and we're headed to our 45th reunion!

Visit the Past Reunions page and have a look at the group photo from our 10th reunion.  If you have any old pictures from school, or the reunions please send an email  and we will post them. If that link doesn't work send an email to joanct at gmail dot com.

Please continue to help us try to locate classmates - you can send an invite to this site by using the box on the right - just fill in their email address. More than 40 of the email addresses we had from the last reunion caused bounce backs so we really need your help to spread the word.

Needham High has a Wikipedia entry!  Who knew?

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the site!  We are having fun!