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Needham High School Class of 1970 - Pictures

Lost your Needham High Yearbook?  Now you have it electronically!  Go ahead - show your kids and neighbors that 60's hairdo:


Below you will see the Spring Supplement to the Yearbook.  Use the little white arrows to turn the pages.  You may experience a slight delay as the pages load.  Click on Full Screen and then you will see a menu of controls that will enable you to zoom in.  Enjoy!


More Preserved Memories

1970 Class Day Program

 Graduation Program

All Night Party Program







"Annie Get Your Gun" Play Program




Our world famous hockey team


Back row, left to right:Paul Cunningham, Ronnie Godfrey, Dave Connors, Marty Shea, Mike McNeil
Front row, left to right: Steve Dagdigian, Robbie Ftorek, Cap Raeder, Tommy Parlato, Chucker Lambert


Tau Phi Gamma

Front Row: Debbie Slicklen, Joanne Lombardo, Janet Rosenberg, Carol Northover? ,__,__, Nancy Severson, Nancy Dunton

Middle Row: Denise Hannon, Janice Beaton, Gail Davis, Linda Anderson, Sue Power

Back Row: Kathy Igo, Kathy Severson, Jane Simpson, Joan O'Connell, Debbie Day, Carol Nichols, Jane Wally, Maribeth Rourke, Roberta Radley (behind), Diane Dinneen, Gail Olsen, Sue Salamone, Gail Barton

 Newman Jr High Soccer Team

Back Row: Ron Goldstein, Scott Bragdon, Steve Tully, Jared Sacks, Richard Binder, Darryl Kaye
Front Row:Dave Turner, Steve Ravinski, Robbie Ftorek, Jay Haratsis, Don Emerson, Mike Nugent


Front Row: Heather Small, Janet Cusack, Marsha Cioffi, Claire Eadie, Jill McEvoy

Seated: Dianne Coughlin, Cathy Carre, Lainie Charlton, Mrs. Coughlin, Linda Longmaid, Janis Tobey, Gerry Glynn

Back Row: Maria Belsanti, Denise English, Carol Atwood, Pat Lawson, Joyce Cusack, Cathy Christmas, M. Faith Robey, Gerry Centola, Mary Grace, Louise Garnier, Carol Howell


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