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In Memory

Steven Zadroga

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06/19/10 11:11 AM #2    

Derryl Irion (Street)

I remember Steve as being very kind to me in Jr. High.

03/10/18 12:19 AM #3    

Beth Nardone (Fridinger)

Steven Zadroga died 2 November 1971; so sad.   I spoke to his brother John.


03/10/18 11:51 AM #4    

Paul Sullivan

Steve or Zeg as we called him was a good friend and he died a year after Robbie Marshalsea. The 70s were tragic and volatile times. Both of these troubled teenagers were good souls and missed by many.

03/10/18 04:18 PM #5    

Robert (Bobby ) Fields

I think Steve died in the Dedham jail. That's what I heard.

03/10/18 04:26 PM #6    

Robert (Bobby ) Fields

Steve stole our 68GTO from our driveway and I new he did it, but I wouldn't tell the police or my parents. My brother was really pissed but I couldn't tell anybody that it was him. I did not want to add anymore trouble in his troubled life and he was my friend.

03/11/18 08:46 AM #7    

Lincoln Fish

Successfully scaling those TV towers at night, and only sometimes getting caught, should secure his place alongside the great mountaineers of history.  Sir Edmund Hillary, . . .  Steve Zadroga

03/11/18 10:52 AM #8    

Paul Sullivan

I forgot about the tv towers Lincoln. It was like playing on a giant erector set. I never made it all that high mostly cause I was so high

03/11/18 09:33 PM #9    

Beth Nardone (Fridinger)

Yes he died in the Dedham jail.

10/26/18 09:11 AM #10    

Robert Rossi

Steve Zadroga was a good friend of mine. I wish he could have gotten some help instead of jail. Drugs had affected him in a way no one could have anticipated. His jailing was just a way to get him off the street, as the authorities didn't possess the insight or ways in which to help the poor kid. I never knew him to have a malicious bone in his body. His death in Dedham jail could well have been avoided if the lazy, no account bums in charge of the jail and the court would have sought the proper treatment for him. Rest in Peace, Zeg.

10/30/18 12:06 PM #11    

Joe Zadroga

Being Steve's older brother I never knew any of his high school friends. For years I kept my sad thoughts after the loss of my brother held within and never thought of sharing them in any social media. Quite recently and by chance I met Lincoln Nash hiking in the forest of Williamsburg and then after that I spoke with Rob Rossi. With these two men I learned so much more about Steve's life and how much they really liked him as a FRIEND. So thanks to your Class of 70 Web Page I can now share some thoughts about Steve. Steve always had a sense of adventure in his personality. He had a wonderful smile. When I introduced him to my future wife he would just look at me and smile and be happy for the both of us. He was very polite. After he had that serious fall in Dedham he went to St. Elizabeth's Hospital. I traveled in the night to get there. When I entered his room, his roommate said that the ventilator keeping him going hadn't been working for several minutes. Immediately I called down the corridor. They closed the door to his room and that was the last I saw of him. So adding tragedy to tragedy I was devastated. I wanted to quit college. Steve meant so much to me. And I thank all his classmates who wrote memorial messages about Steve. They deeply affected me and increased my conviction of how much I miss him. Joe Zadroga





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